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Mentoring women writers to embrace your sovereignty and ignite your writing to create new worlds! –Dr. Judy McNutt!




There is such joy teaching special needs children. For nearly two decades, deep love and compassion for highly sensitive creative young people kept me engaged and constantly learning. After school found me working with creative adults with sensory processing disorders and other brain functioning difficulties.These experiences and wide-ranging exploration on my own lead me to design my innovative energy work for students and clients alike.

A Founding Associate of the Brain Integration Institute, and now the founder of Judy McNutt’s Igniting Your Writing my highest wish is to offer support for you who do not yet believe in your own creative power or who believe it is stuck somewhere.

“Creative souls (and you who cannot yet see your creativity) can easily become overwhelmed by mundane and painful lives. You beat yourself up for not implementing all of those books, classes, webinars, and retreats into your writing practice. You may already have spent a ton of money, with nothing to show for it. You long for a deepening authentic connection with your unique gifts and you are searching for ways to express that in the world or at the very least, on paper.” –Dr. Judy

At home, I write, practice my signature meditation and play with Creative Energy every day. “My world-service passion is to guide you to the expansion of the voice of your Inner Writer. Under the surface (energetically) I facilitate the healing, integration, transformation, and inspiration of writers like myself in weekly private and group sessions!”–Dr. Judy

My unique Heart-Centered Writing Groups are healing hearts and minds and birthing the True Nature of Creative Expression into the World. Reach out for healing, guidance, and creative rather than dogmatic spiritual practices. Find me working at Judy McNutt’s Igniting Your Writing


” So many people feel they have been sentenced to a life without creative expressionTheir lives are dictated by judgmental attitudes and societal pressures. It is time to make a change. Step into Your Sovereignty!Dr. Judy

 ~The Making of a Manifesto~

“You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world…You better free your mind instead!”– the creative seed was planted in all of us, some say by angels, but certainly long before John Lennon put words and music to it. After years of suppression, we are awakening. I was ready to retire and paint. Instead, I received a calling, a visionary message; “See beyond the world; Serve souls; Share the awakening; Be a revolution!”

The more you shine and share, the stronger will be our community. When we shine in our true nature, we build a better community and we live in a better world. Remember, we are “involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.” This is the “Be Who We Are Revolution!”

FLASH:  BIG MAGIC happens in my writing groups: COME WRITE WITH US!

See, Serve, Share and Be! Mahalo, Dr. Judy