The Writers’ Sovereignty Manifesto

The Writers’ Sovereignty Manifesto

Began this day, January 1, 2017

Writer’s Sovereignty is the possession of  absolute, supreme and unlimited creative power:

There is no other power higher than the writer that can issue controls or commands.

The Sovereign is the source of all creative laws and rights.

A Writer’s Sovereignty is above other people’s or entity’s laws.

The Sovereign Writer has dominion over all time and space.

A Writer’s Sovereignty is vital.

If a writer submits to the authority of any other sovereign,  autonomy is impaired.

The Sovereignty of the writer must be absolute, and the sovereign power should not brook any interference internal or external.

Externally, a writer is equal to other writers. This equality of writers is perceived as a limitation on one, the other or both of them. However, each writer occupies a different dimensional reality, like two books on the same shelf, each a different but equally delicious story!

If there are laws and rules,  it is not just because the sovereign has the power to make them but because such laws and regulations are needed to serve the purpose for which The Sovereign Writer exists.