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Awakening in a Fever

Greetings Earthfriends!


Awakenig in a FeverPHOTOGRAPH– “Awakening in a Fever” I literally awakened with a fever earlier this week and saw this heart-shaped piece of light on my closet door. I have never seen it before or since. Sick as I was, I rolled over and felt around for my iphone to grab the shot.







TODAY– I offer a snapshot of life from me, for you. Enjoy.



It was your idea

To come to the shore

I guess you were attracted

By all the splashing.

Try not to get too distracted by the noise and bright lights.

Soon enough, it will be time to go.





You come apart.

It seems I open

so you can expand.

It’s okay

nothing is wrong with you.

It’s all you.

Fault not the rose who cannot recall its bud.



(8/18/2015 7:00AM)

I am aware

I have other parts of me
But I always want to use and share
The best part
The sweetest part
The beautiful tender part
The observant part
The patient part
The witty pithy funny part
I’m not a fan of the petulant part
The part that hangs back, unsure
Yet these aspects of my wholeness contribute to my balance of being
So I embrace them all for without them
I wouldn’t be all of me.
Now I wonder
Do you ever feel this way too
Ever tire of what you think of as
Certain or uncertain parts of you?
And if you did,
Might you offer
Your connecting truth?



The fault and glory of us all.

This marvelous human trait is both downfall

And exaltation.

Right up to the end, I shall be wanting to report back

About how there is no

Supplication at the gate,

Indeed there is no gate, no time, no mistake.

Just remember the innocence,

And that it was all

Your idea.


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