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May the beauty of the infinite jewel within you, be the only overwhelming experience of your Soul Created Life. Overwhelming joy and wonder are emotions not out of line when you see what I see within you–

Your Soul shimmers in the light! It is a unique and beautiful expression of you. Your Soul is forever nurtured, growing based on your life choices.

Your Soul evolves through your physical and emotional experiences. Beyond the judgment and fear within your physical brain, your soul is already perfect. Your Soul transcends self-limiting thought and will come to recognize itself as eternal. Your Soul unites with the oneness of Spirit, whole and innocent, powerful and free.

For all that is written about the soul, people seem to pay it little mind to it in their busy day to day lives. Consider this, your soul contains your only experience of birth and death.

Throughout your day to day behold your soul’s beauty in reverence, at least once, between coming and going. Behold your unique beauty every day! Let that overwhelm you a little. Ride the energy of “You”, a powerful magnetic Soul Designer, through the experience of all you have done; all you are doing, and all that your future will bring.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~ Rumi

WRITING PROMPT: “Today I move beyond what seems to be happening to reflect on my desires,  and I feel it would be good to …”



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