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WEEK 18- HOW TO BENEFIT FROM STORMY EMOTIONS- (Bonus aromatherapy tips!)

Dear self (Suffering in Relationship with SELF),

Much has been written about painful emotion. I’ve penned many a pain-packed poem, myself. Today I used one of them to illustrate a point in a session with a client who said, “Emotions suck.”

Well, actually it is the story we tell ourselves about the emotion-of-the moment that is the culprit, not the emotion itself! So don’t go around blaming You for feeling Blue. Turns out, it’s true what your grandma told you. Sometimes you just have to wait ’til the storm passes through, but there are a few Helps.

Take comfort in thinking of emotions in terms of a passing storm. Day 33 in my book The Poetry of Days draws a parallel between emotions and a storm and it asks us to recall THE FRAGRANCE of RAIN as a pathway through the pain.There is always that poignant sweetness available for you. The smell of rain itself infuses a sense of wonder, takes us back to a simpler time while the storm causes wild and restless thoughts to skew, to go off kilter. Such is the power of the unconscious mind. So what do you want to do, lock in those emotions for an endless ride? Why do that when you can kick back and simply observe a Monsoon moving across the landscape of your mind? When the rain ceases or the troubling emotion eases, our body-senses are uplifted! Ah!

As is the case with a violent storm or a particularly big stormy emotion our thoughts are piqued, or tempted with the ideation of escape or impulsive travel. We experience the desire to run away from it all! “Freighted” or weighed down with the notion that we should engage in some definitive motion, we fabricate a delusion that we are finally getting somewhere, an illusion that this action will get it all sorted out. The poem says that “reality” teems with plans and projects fraught with problems! And it suggests we stop running through the forest of details in the brain and just allow the “fragrance of rain” to dissolve our woes, instead. What is a fragrance for but to remind us life always offers promise of something sweeter, something more?


At the end of the storm we are invited to sit still in the silent aftermath, because the sun invariably illuminates the solution, the reason, the lesson, the way through! To reap the benefit, let the storm pass and the Dawning or The Light will reveal our soul, our True Nature and we see the way we have been enriched and empowered. Strengthened by having weathered a passing storm.

Now here is the entire original poem:


Emotions knock restless thoughts askew.

Like cardboard boxes with a monsoon moving through.

For a moment the cranial rain ceases,

But the pain increases.

Then comes the brunt of the storm,

unfounded hopes unravel.

Senses pique, I am restless to travel.

Freighted with the notion

That like the storm, I should be in motion.

I create a dream

Of “finally getting somewhere,” it will seem.

But reality teems

With plans and projects fraught with problems.

I still my ship upon that stormy sea,

and counsel my weary soul;

“Stop running through your brain

Just allow the fragrance of the rain

To dissolve it all.

And sit in silent aftermath, outside

The sun shall soon reveal your path.”


PS– My son says, “Oh I get it. You’re saying, this too, shall pass. So it pays to remember that emotions are a temporary thing!”


AromaTherapy Storm-Helpers (FYI): sage, lavender, bergamot, chamomile, ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, fennel. Or just use CLARY CALM which contains all those individual oils and more!

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