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 “What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.” –Plutarch

 What Soul-Designers like:

“I am a much better writer, inspired and on fire when I work with Dr. Judy.”

“I thought I had lost my ability to create but Dr. Judy taught me to think of creativity and love as energy systems, an available, renewable and sustainable resource for my work and my everyday life.”

“I thought, “What good can she do in 30 minutes?” The only answer I can share is, “WOW!”

“Now that my life and creativity are fully integrated, every aspect of who I am and what I was born to do is bearing fruit in the world.”

“At first I did not believe it was possible to create the life I wanted. I doubted there were deeper parts of me. I had never been introduced to my soul, never mind my Enlightened Self. My life will never be the same, thank you Dr. Judy!”

“Within two weeks of my Session I could see evidence that I was on the way to a better, more creative life for myself, and my wacky family!”

“I loved my session. I feel so much more hopeful. I was off-the-scale beyond really bad. Booking my next session.”