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How Does a Non-Political Poet Survive Derailment! Brain Zen

You no longer want to be sitting in a hole?

Zen does not sit within that which you do not want.

Zen what would you like?

I know. I don’t get it either. Not a lot is making sense these days running up to, during and after the election. I could see it coming, but it is not my work to run interference. Don’t get me wrong.

I hear you. I feel compassion that you walk that road thinking you are alone. Although you may not see it now, you created this road. I know it is not fair. I see that if you do not believe me, you probably believe I blame you for the state you are in. Remember, I never said you did anything wrong.

There there. Comfort that part of you that does not feel good now. Likely it is a part of you that has not felt good for a long time. Stand up and dust off. Accept the consequences you create for your actions, and for your claim of innocence.

Let me tell you something else. There is no one “out there.” This is both good and bad news. Good, because no one judges you. Bad, because no one is assigned to take care of you.

How Does a Non-Political Soul Survive Derailment?

Every time you wake up, learn. Take some actions. Get back on track.

It is all up to you. So what are you going to do? It is your choice. Give me that at least.

You no longer want to sit in a hole? Stop digging.

This the Zen,

This is the part YOU create, so:

“What would you Like?”


What is this? Maybe it is just a poem after all. Nobody reads those anyway. Good thing. World change, backdoor-style.

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