The question of what I wanted to create was an irritation. I nearly brushed it aside because it seemed so selfish. What? Thinking again in that same instant it was decided. I would write a poem each day for 500 days! The poem-a-day process would spawn a book and it produced some surprising results, as well. In the beginning, I was excited about this “new thing," so I found it quite easy to rise before dawn, sip some fresh water and tune in to what the world needed from me that day. Some days, a bit of "far-seeing" was required to find the place the world could pivot. A couple of…

WHEN HARD TIMES LOOM LARGER THAN LIFE- Think small, free and easy for Stress Relief!

How to use Ease, Grace, and Creative Flow for Bodymind Stress Relief: These tips will support you in the face of overwhelming emotions of any kind at any time- First try this ~Close eyes. ~Breathe 3 conscious breaths. ~Open eyes. Send your kind and loving thoughts to all beings in our world. NEXT: Literally PULL back from the stressful situation (or your own beliefs and judgments.) Stop, back up and sit still. Let it clear out! Go do something else.   #3 CREATE "VISION-FLOW MIND-MEDICINE": Imagine traveling to a happy, contented real experience in your adult life. Recall every detail, who is present and the qualities they contribute, vivid colors, smells,…

Awakening in a Fever

Greetings Earthfriends!   PHOTOGRAPH– "Awakening in a Fever" I literally awakened with a fever earlier this week and saw this heart-shaped piece of light on my closet door. I have never seen it before or since. Sick as I was, I rolled over and felt around for my iphone to grab the shot.             TODAY– I offer a snapshot of life from me, for you. Enjoy.   BIRTH It was your idea To come to the shore I guess you were attracted By all the splashing. Try not to get too distracted by the noise and bright lights. Soon enough, it will be time to go.…

Mindful Moment– How Does This Help Me?

"How Does This Help?" Saturday,07 16 2016 I was asked a question, To which I answered- "When we are deeply pressed into Pain or distress We forget To take the One Action Which will make a difference. If you want, I can arrange a reference, or you can just go there on your own When you come home to… the real you. People suffer, that is true, but there are a variety of paths Provided for your way through." The response was, "How does this help me?" I guessed it doesn't. -j-

Mindful Moment– Free Yourself This Instant

A steady gaze plays upon the surface of a gash of water against the concrete gutter. Slivers of leaves and careless flowers suffer in the swatch of robins egg blue. The reflection is suddenly streaked with starlings crossing the flat blue piece of sky. They say "Free yourself this instant!" And I join them in the stillness of freedom. Mindful Moment for Thursday, 07 14 2016 -j-
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