Let your soft gaze Rest upon your hands In your lap And know you Are not the only one Looking at two hands In a lap In this light From this angle On this day Sensing the aliveness. Many minds and times Are present All that ever were All that will ever be Present Right now In this moment -j-


A red-tailed hawk cruises the wind As is her nature She casually looks from side to side Plenty of space All the time and possibilities in the world. Sitting on a great grey rock Above the tumbling silver river One of the Old Ones of the valley Wishes he were up there flying. But he would be eyeing the clouds And grounds The crowds of starlings Bearing down from the left. Mostly on his mind He realizes, Would be a place to land And the passage of time, And when it’s time to go Then Then he will be flying! So for now he sits Sending love to the hawk As…


Your oldest friend In Lovingkindness hold Appreciating The strength of character It takes to go on No matter what To give to others And uncomplaining Receive and accept All the world proffers With you since that First day two cells got together And began the journey Of your lifetime Here on Earth Precious jewel Within your chest It is your heart That loves you best -j-


The winds of fall bring gifts to share- A message written In bold strokes swirls into a A golden peach, and violet sunset, Scarlet notes toss and bleed in the waves of an indigo sea. Then wind puts its hand In the branches of a tree, And scoots lemon-colored leaves along the street Leaving just a hint of Invisible ink in wisps of your hair Or the ends of your scarf -j-


Dear Gratitude, Thank you for being there upon my awakening and for being present in every breath I make. Thank you for being in the voices of birds, spinnings of spiders, edges of clouds, bottoms of bowls, in jewels of light across the sky filled with night, in lessons hard and blessings easy. I am thanking you, dear Gratitude for knowing I am a reflection of All That Is and for seeing my heart in every part of you. -j-
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