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What if you don’t feel all that creative?

Well, what do you believe you need in order to live a satisfying life? Let me ask you this: Are you pushed around by other people’s agenda, or do you plan around your needs, wants and desires?

Are you dreading the same old patterns and problems ahead?

Let me suggest that you can find solace, sustenance, and life-change in creative daily practices, like a little bit of writing, for example. Add Purpose and you’ve created a path to follow in to a brighter future!

Whether you think of your daily practices as routine or deeply sacred, an intentional daily routine can bring you joy and the richness of continued creativity.

NOTE: An unintentional, reactionary life creates drudgery and drama! 

“OK, but I don’t have time for a big routine. What is one Easy Thing I can do for improvement?”

Let’s go with quick and easy, first!

Add little touches of Purposeful Kindness to your day and you will create a profound life-shift! Life-purpose and world-change go hand in hand. Because what you do every day makes you who you are, the more you practice being who you ARE, the better-off the world will be. Every little kindness will bring you another layer of joy, and your generosity of spirit will ripple into the world!

For you who want to Explore and Do More-

Here’s an example of a Sacred Morning Practice* to set up an Intentionally Created Life.

  1. Awaken with thoughts of gratitude. Begin the day relaxed, happy, centered, appreciative- no matter what. Drink a glass of water and bless the planet with simple thanks for being our earthly home.  Do a Heart, Soul, Brain Integration Ceremony before climbing out of bed. 2 minutes!
  2.  Brush hair, anoint the body with aromatherapy oil. Massage skin with coconut oil because it smells beautiful and nourishes the skin. 2 minutes!
  3. Stretch and move in silence,  or play whatever song or piece of classical music suits the mood. Move your waking-emotions through the body. (You can intuit how to do this.) Honor both your physical and non-physical design! @ 5 minutes!
  4.  Hold space for life at a self-created altar. (Daily Life is sacred design work!)  Clear the area with sound, (I use three chimes) and activate crystals and sacred-to-me objects, one at a time. I whisper gratitude for every aspect of my life as I pass over each gem on the altar.  As needed, I whisper prayers for others and place crystals for them, too. Seal and close the space with sound. Less than 2 minutes!
  5. Flow on into your day!

FOR A WRITER’S LIFE- I flow into a “Writer’s Day” through my fountain pen and journal. I capture thoughts, emotions, emerging desires. Whatever arises, I write! Sometimes I write my wishes on small pieces of paper and place those on my altar.

After about 45 minutes of Morning Writing, I head for the kitchen. Tap The Source (the kitchen faucet is symbolic of Source) and prepare my tea. I may stir up and bake a batch of fresh muffins. Sometimes I blend dates/kale/cashew milk and hemp seeds into a smoothie. I eat slowly and with gratitude and pleasure. Nourishment Time is also a sacred time. It takes effort on my part to not rush, especially if I feel I am running late. I do not distract myself with electronics and social media at breakfast!

I begin the activities of the day.  Ten Minute Tidy ’round the house/ take a Photo Safari Walk/ grab my “gathering basket” and enjoy a Spirit Walk, etc. As a part of my self-nourishing activity time, I may sit on the couch with a cup of tea and read a real book for 15 minutes. Refreshed, and renewed I usually then delve further into an on-going writing project.

After My Sacred Time, my calendar tells me what’s next.  I review tasks and actions I laid out the night before. Only THEN do I check in with the socio-electronic world! This timing is critical for me now. I tried the other way, and social media invariably dragged me off-course.

*I refer to the intentional sequences in my life as “practices” rather than “routine” because the word “Practice” elevates my life-design to the level of divine creation. Intentional living is a part of my soul design.

Your soul design differs from mine. Sketch out a little intentional practice that you think might best suit you! That is the beauty of life! Whatever you do, when you make a deliberate practice of your daily life, the reward is greater wellbeing. You can and will experience your true essence. If you would like to include writing as a part of your life, my 2018 writing groups are forming now, and many options are either free or low cost. Join us for Heart-Centered Writing, The Writer’s Self-Healing Journey, The Writer’s Healing Journey Membership, PEP for Writers and more ALL at my new writer’s site!

All the Best,

Judy McNutt- Heart-Centered Writing Mentor and Muse

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