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The Disquiet of Divine Discontent

Greetings, dear heart,

For millennia we have seen disquiet and discontent sow seeds of change in society. There is evidence that relationships can benefit from a little conflict resolution as well. Consider the same dynamic playing out at the personal level. Day dreaming, and mind mapping inspire vision, and powerful manifestation, to be sure. But sometimes nothing less than divine discontent will motivate us into taking action. Think of discontent as a soul intervention. A not so gentle prodding from within to look at a possible shift in direction.

The alternatives are upheaval or complacency. Complacency in society eventually produces consciousness raising efforts and upheaval. A revolution. The people demand change. So too, your spirit signals discomfort as a means for getting your attention. You may listen and act appropriately, or you may sink into the weeds of emotional complacency until upheaval wells from within.

I took a Japanese brush-painting class for years and could not seem to break through the bamboo ceiling. Frustration was building. I longed to hear the words, “Is good,” from my Sensei yet I kept doing the same thing over and over and over. One day I took out a huge brush I had never used and painted five poppies, very quick strokes. I listened to my disquieted soul and took a bold action. Yes, I finally heard those two words from my teacher, “Is good,” but more importantly, I learned to listen within and respond from my soul.

So what am I trying to say in so many words? I am suggesting you make some time to listen to your inner voice, your spirit, your soul, your inner being. Restlessness and disquiet have their place in the language of the soul. The irritant produces a pearl. Share that pearl in the world and you have made the shift to The Soul Created Life. I am interested in your view. Drop me a line.

All the Best, Dr. Judy

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