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Have you ever wondered how writers work all day every day for months at a time?

Perhaps you don’t have a need to write all day but have trouble sticking with the work, even for a shorter period. What if you could plug into a Creative Flow Device that would feed and sustain your productivity? You can do this if you’re game for a little something different.

I have shared this visualization tool with my tribe, and now I offer it to you. Next time you are on deadline or just want to complete any project or task, try this.

Think Inner USB! Like many USB devices, this imagined-device represents connectivity and power and is there for you whenever you need or want it.


Imagine a three-way USB cable. You will connect this “cable” to your Bodymind*, your Heart, and your Soul (use your own meaningful words for the word Soul: spirit, inner being, consciousness, inside self). Let’s call this energy-cable your Creative Flow Device. It might look something like this:


  1. Assemble all mental and physical materials along with a glass of water. (Your brain runs on electricity. Staying hydrated improves brain function.)
  2. Connect your Bodymind*, Heart, and Soul to your Creative Flow Device.


(Imagine and visualize plugging in!)

Feel your 3-way cable connecting to The Source Energy Hub. (The Source is where your book or project already exists, but it will only flow into manifestation or download as long as you stay connected.)

Are you plugged in? You might feel a slight buzz or hear a subtle hum, or not!

Imagine all your resources coming on line!

Now you are awake and fully alive. You are ready to flow with the work.




When your session is complete:

  1. Close your eyes,
  2. breathe a sigh of Gratitude and Appreciation for Source, your True Nature to create, and all of your gifts today.
  3. Mentally UNPLUG your Creative Flow Device.

Over time this ritual will re-enforce your connection and sovereignty. Let me know how you get on. The more you practice, the better it works! Let’s connect@judymcnutt.com

PS- I lead a free Distance Writing Group every week via Zoom (video conferencing) For details see my Event Page on Facebook-

*Bodymind is an approach to understanding the relationship between the human body and mind as a single integrated unit.

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