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The Soul Designing Blog-experiment begins.

This day brings Mindful Moment daily meditative poem-posts to an end. Thank you for your attention and intention over the years. Although mindfulness will continue to be my daily practice and certainly I will be writing, daily. I am guided by Spirit to create community and expand my work and my writing into a different vein. Mahalo and Aloha, Mindful Moment.


High frequencies of color
Stir the soul
Motion in stillness
Spirit is full

The Soul Designing Blog-experiment begins…

A few years ago I crafted my morning routine that has become a part of my daily sacred practice.

–First things first for a Soul Happy Morning! S T R E T C H while you recall dreams. Perhaps then write your dreams down!
–Drink a glass of water. Breathe three times for peace and bodymind clearing.
–Breakfast Big- complex carbs: oatmeal/quinoa; fresh fruit along with protein; add gensing and sing!
–Drink a glass of water after 1st class or Soul Care Session.
–Lunch Lite- big salad topped with nuts, or bowl of veggie soup and a small amount of protein like cheese or nut butter on some crackers; add guess what? Gensing!
GET OUT for some fresh air and a little walk (for 5 minutes of light). Conscious deep breathing.
–Drink a glass of water upon returning.
–Add 20 minutes of natural light when sun is brightest!
–ADD MUSIC to your day!
–SHORT NAP after good job done or on weekends you can read and sleep!
Fruits- Berries 2X daily,

S T R E T C H: First thing out of bed, and last thing before getting in it!

NOTE: Get up at the same time every day after 8 hours sleep- 5am means 9pm bedtime!

Keep some Lavender Aroma Therapy Oil around to smell and use.

Choose positive, meaningful interactions, interesting projects, supportive and upbeat people. Add kindness and generosity, stay present in the moment. Release the past AND the future. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Be here and now.

When in doubt, breathe IN, breathe OUT!

Make a sacred practice of your daily routine and enjoy the neural cascade of Happy!

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