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ONE SIMPLE WAY TO FEEL BETTER TODAY- plus Holistic Writing Prompt 002

You have been on my mind, insistantly! At the outset of my work with a client over several months, I assured her I would not flood her email box with self-serving drivel. I would only share an email when there was something significant. Let me offer you, the reader of this email or my blog that same assurance.

I have noticed that when one person finds something meaningful, others are calling out for that same healing, consciously or unconsciously. In that spirit, I offer this simple way to feel better today!


Many of us don’t believe we deserve good things (whatever is on your conscious or unconscious list).

I want to dispel that Inner Rumor right away. You possess the power to bring good things into your life, and you always will. Your Inner Child still experiences a broad range of emotional states right along with you, and sometimes all alone. Yes, your Inner Child is still present within you, and she deserves some lovingkindness and comfort right now! A reassuring hug and a kind word wouldn’t go amiss. This one tiny little piece of energetic self-care will help chase away the Boogey Man for your Inner Child and open new resources of energy and inspiration to you. More good things!

Self-comfort and love raise your spirit, soothes the soul, and energizes the body-mind.


Say something sweet to yourself, right now!
Physically, put your arms around your body and hug it! Your Inner Child is still in there, faithfully holding the seeds to your blossoming consciousness. That same little heart has been beating for you all these years.
Your Inner Child holds the keys to your life-longings and desires, so say something sweet to your Inner Little One. You are going to be great friends once again. Use one of my intuited messages, or create a “Sweet Statement” of your own and use it every time you see yourself in a mirror or reflective surface. After all, those reflective surfaces are there for you. Look, that’s you trying to get your attention! Skip the ego stories and judgments and go directly to a Statement of Sweetness. You deserve it!

“Look how brave you are to be here still!”

“You are delightfully inquisitive!”

“I love your voice.”

“You’ve kept all my treasure for me, thank you.”

“You still believe!”

“I can always count on you.”

“Make a list of seven good things about you, that you sincerely believe.  Just for this exercise, don’t let the good thing about you be that you are somebody’s mother, sister, wife, brother, father, teacher. Make sure you write seven attributes about you and you alone. Are you Generous? Kind? Good at something? Curious? Fierce? Fearless? Consult the graphic below for some ideas. Circle the three most significant things about you alone and not concerning somebody else. Handwrite yourself a Thank You note mentioning these three admirable qualities. Read the note to yourself every day this week. Put it where you can see it. Smile.
Mahalo and much Aloha, Dear One
Dr. Judy

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