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The question of what I wanted to create was an irritation. I nearly brushed it aside because it seemed so selfish. What?

Thinking again in that same instant it was decided. I would write a poem each day for 500 days! The poem-a-day process would spawn a book and it produced some surprising results, as well.

In the beginning,

I was excited about this “new thing,” so I found it quite easy to rise before dawn, sip some fresh water and tune in to what the world needed from me that day. Some days, a bit of “far-seeing” was required to find the place the world could pivot. A couple of months into my poem-a-day practice, what I now refer to as The Calling would awaken me with the day’s poem and it would begin to write itself. I put some of those poems in a book called The Poetry of Days- A Journal of Poetry, Love, and Inspiration.

The Inspiration part still appeals to me, so each week I gather with writers on Zoom, and we write. I hold the vision that through writing with other women, we will embrace our sovereignty, find our voices and change the world!

I believe those 500 days of poem-creating put something in me that wasn’t there before. I learned that if I want to change or shift something in life, I can do that through writing, and not necessarily about the shifting thing itself. This is the reason I say with high confidence, “If you want to change anything, start writing.”

To write, to use these symbols that mean many things to many people is a sacred trust. To write is to heal and be whole. For me to write is to forgive and live, to clear the way, to connect myself with All That Is, and to create worlds beyond what seems to be.

Here is one poem of The 500:


In that moment he said,
“This is how life happens without so much efforting.
Imagination and forgiveness do all the heavy lifting.
It’s like riding your bike with no hands. Easy, when you don’t overthink it.”

So give your dreams a try, and forgive yourself when you fall.

“Look! No hands!”


What do YOU want to create?

(Writing to heal, change and create.)

Today I thought, “Prompts with the potential to awaken The Muse.” Use one, some or all of these prompts to tell a seven-minute, made-up story. Unleash your Inner Writer!
Speak softly into that spark of magic…
We turned our faces to the sun…
Things are not always as…
Beyond what seems to be…
After all…

Drop me an email at connect@judymcnutt.com if you’d like to find out more about our writing groups. Wednesday mornings are fee-free at 10:00 am PST. Click “Going” on the Facebook Event!

Love you!

Dr. Judy, Heart-Centered Writing Mentor and Muse

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