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Freedom, Gratitude, Mindfulness and an Aromatherapy Holiday Survival Kit!

Written on Thanksgiving Day, 2016

You Are A Landing Zone For Miracles (My gratitude gift for you.)

Today, you bloom in the fullness of freedom.
You are the neat and tidy
Industriousness of a bee,
Free to buzz flower to hive
Steadily threading through life;
AND, you are the freedom born of
The messy, astonishing,
inscrutable experience
your soul is asking for.

But, be also Mindful.

For Freedom is only the beginning!
It is from a grateful, mindful place
you discover
you are neither tiny,
nor conscripted.

And my friend, you no are no longer confined merely to what fear may bring to mind.
You notice.
Your power expands
With every beat of your heart.
You are open, connected
Clear and joyful!
You send and receive beams of light.

You radiate like petals of a flower. You are a landing zone for miracles.

Energy pours in from every direction of The Universe,
Like tiny open hands beating on the heads of a thousand drums.

Beneath the Ancient Moon

You begin to dance beneath a wise and ancient moon.
And you are singing, too.
You are singing, “I am free to be and receive!”
And your soul whispers back
“Thank you.”

Your bodymind looks on, And hums a grateful tune.


doTerra oils I use to support a peaceful response to a potentially stressful day in many American homes:

PEACE- Reassuring Blend

CHEER- Uplifting Blend

LAVENDER- for sleep issues, stress, anxiety, teeth grinding, focus and concentration, sooth burns, prevent scars, pains and sprains, cuts wounds and blisters, blood pressure, migraines  and headaches, emotional balance.


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