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What could be different this Holiday Weekend?

Your weekend-story could be life-changing for SOMEONE!

Write a personal narrative or a memoir and the world is changed forever, because of YOU!

You already have all it takes to make a difference to someone, somewhere and your story could be the beginning of anything from a humorous perspective, to valuable life-lessons, to creating a new world!

Don’t be scared. If you have never written anything before, just think of writing as talking on paper. The number one mistake I see writers making is they try and get too fancy. Just tell your story. Period.

“Writing is not my gift, why would I write a memoir?”

6 Reasons to Write a Memoir–

One: A memoir can be a personal way to share stories, perspective, personality, lessons and wisdom about your gift, whatever it may be. Cooking stories, music stories, sports stories, baby stories, art-making stories, hiking stories, travel stories, crazy family stories.

Two: A great way to keep life-stages of significance, or life’s sweet moments alive in your memory is through writing a memoir.

Three: You need not intend to share your piece with a large audience (or any audience at all), but I can say from personal experience anything you write down and save for family members, or friends will be appreciated.

It may be a way of documenting a part of their lives, too! Think about it. What would you give to be able to read the story of an ordinary day in your great-grandmother’s life– What did she have for breakfast? How did she dress? Did she attend school? How did she get there? Who else lived in the house/ apartment with the family? What did she see out the window? What scented the breezes of her childhood? What was on her mind?

Four: Memoir writing is therapeutic. When you write your way through a difficult period of life or delve deeply into a challenging life lesson, you can put the experience into perspective for yourself and possibly others. Additionally, any drama you might observe is “material” for your story.

Five: Memoirs can provide a teachable moment. A rewarding memoir focuses on an event or series of events that evoked a change in you — perhaps a change of view, a change of feelings, a change for better (or worse.)

Six: And finally, there is only one YOU in the Universe. Bring your heart into the world. We need you! You have no way of knowing who might be inspired and what change that might unleash.

Perhaps you are honoring or celebrating something with family and friends. Make some notes about your holiday experience this year. Write your story now or later. Read it to your family or friends when you gather again next year! A lot can change in a year. You will be amazed!


When you set an intention to capture life experience from a place of curiosity or desired result, you step into your sovereignty! Dr. Judy

Writing Prompts for Deeper Exploration:

Here are a few starter-sentence parts (I call them sentence stems), cut and paste as desired:

I was born into a family with…

Then came…

I escaped into…

Now I’m writing this memoir…

I’ve changed a few facts…


What do you think? connect@judymcnutt.com

Writing helps, writing heals.

Judy McNutt

Heart-Centered Writing Mentor and Muse


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