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HOW TO GET OFF THE HOLIDAY ROLLER-COASTER –plus Holistic Writing Relief 004

Holidays often intensify emotions- Loneliness. Loss. Sadness, Restlessness. Boredom. Irritation. Longing for “something.” Shame. Guilt. Dissatisfaction. Even Anger! I’d like to suggest that healing is at your fingertips! How? Any pathway that brings you closer to joy is healing, so when you begin to notice unwanted patterns or feel a strong desire for transformation or change, that is a good time to tune in, listen, and respond in writing! 

Writing is a resource that can move you closer what you may not even realize you are wanting. Here are some ways to use the writing process to ease discomfort and heal your life, even if you don’t believe you are a writer! Let’s open the way forward for you so this holiday season can become part of a joyful process!

The first two exercises will clear the way. The last two inspiration pieces at the end will set you free!

Holistic Writing #1 –Selfie Questions

Do holidays bring up the “same old stuff?” Your gifts and talents may be saying they want to come out and play, but they have failed to gain your attention in other more gentle ways! OR- Perhaps your Inner Writer has been asleep for a very, very long time.

TRY THIS: Ask yourself the following questions. See what shakes loose!  Don’t edit, control or “try to write.” Probe ever more deeply as you go.

  1. Make a list of things you could do to feel happy, that cost less than $2.00.
  2. What would you call your Castle?
  3. What was the best thing you ever did by yourself and why?
  4. Which do you like better, talking or texting? Why?
  5. What are you holding onto and of what do you need to let go?
  6. What is the best time of day and why?
  7. What is your favorite Holiday and how might you bring a little bit of that into The Every Day?

Ask, “Why?”

Ask,”Tell me more about that.”

Then reply to the response as though you are interviewing another person. “What was your reaction? What is your perspective?” etc.

Throw out the rules. Have fun!

NOTE: Handwriting is a direct connection between your Muse, your Brain, and your BodyMind.

Holistic Writing #2 –Change is a Choice

You may have longed for some part of life to be different; as a Sovereign Storyteller try it out on paper first!

Be specific. What would you like? What is in the way?

Complete this question to your Self,

“What do you think it might be like if…” 

Ask your Inner Writer; answer the question and then keep going!  Here are a few Change-Questions for you:

  1. What are some changes you’d like to make in your home?
  2. If you had the power, who would be banished to another dimension, and why?
  3. What one thing would you love to change about your community or the world?
  4. When I think about it now, my job sucks. I wish…

NOW, HERE IS AN EASY WAY TO CRANK UP YOUR CREATIVE ENGINE- Unleash your inner creative writer! These story-stems are designed to inspire and fire-up your imagination. Get your motor running!


A shadow passed into the pantry through the interior doorway from the garage. It fluttered along the sheen of the parquet floor, jumped to the wall and hopped in and out of the bookshelf and cabinets. It placed a shopping bag on the kitchen counter. It stepped into a pool of light, and that’s where it left her. Beyond the dining table in the family room, she could see her husband’s signature pose; feet clad in white socks hanging over the arm of the burgundy leather sofa. His socks sent no warning that something was amiss. Picking up a red envelope she squinted. Her forehead wrinkled.

Someone had scrawled her maiden name across the envelope in bold blue ink. He must already have seen this. To avoid the inevitable third-degree regarding this mysterious envelope, she brought it with her as she headed for those two white feet. Versace stilettos clicked on the terrazzo floor then deadened as she stepped onto the carpet. She slid two fingers beneath the skirt of the document flap and moved the paper with a sideways jerk to force the glue and paper to part.

There was no greeting from her husband, but she imagined his eyes drilling into her skull. She looked down at him, but his dark eyes were glazed, staring into space. Her neck prickled. He was as still as a statue. She dropped the envelope… (keep writing! Complete the story!)


Grabbing both of her wings, he gently guided her inside his hogan, (six or eight-sided wooden house, typical of the Rez.) It felt safe and dry as an ancient tomb. She nestled into a pile of cushions on the smooth dirt floor. He did not ask her to stand for the blessing as would be the custom, but he fanned pinion smoke on all sides of her shaking body. Her eyes rolled back into her skull. She lost consciousness and fell into darkness.

After some time passed, she awakened, staring up at the male and female-forked logs that held up the roof. Grandfather, she said, “How did I come here to you? And what am I to take from this vision?” Grandfather simply nodded for her to continue the story. ” I was walking out beyond the mesas. I could see the silver trail of a winding river. A high pitched screech grabbed my attention, and I felt myself take flight. Downward I swooped. I received a vision of a rabbit whistling with the pain of a broken back, and as I came to rest, I could see that the rabbit was me. I was back in human form. My hands were bloodied. The knees of my jeans were shredded, soaked, stained crimson. I cried out,  ‘Falcon please do not kill me.’

I turned my head from side to side, curious. I seemed to be in two places at once, in two bodies at once. Curiosity calmed my human self long enough to look Falcon in the eye.”

‘Let us be off home,’ he said, and then I woke up here.”

 (What happens next, according to your imagination?)

For more of these “story-stems” visit Dangles and Danglers- stories to inspire and fire your imagination.

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