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FOR THE BENEFIT OF PERSPECTIVE –plus Holistic Writing Prompt 001


I suspect you would like to receive satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing from your writing. That is understandable because your soul instinctively knows that writing helps, writing heals. How? When you remove all beliefs, judgments, and barriers, writing becomes a finely-tuned holistic healing session. You become Master Storyteller, Master Healer of the cell structures in your body and brain!

In my writing groups and my individualized work with clients, we often use Prompts to start the flow. A powerful writing-prompt can free or focus the mind, or open you up to possibilities. Below find a sample of just a few of the options I opened for you today. (There must be a thousand ways to use writing prompts and the one you choose today can be life-changing, healing, inspirational and fun!)

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Here we go!

Choose a writing prompt from the list, set your timer for 20 minutes, and Go!


  1. It’s settled then…
  2. The bitter cold had become a familiar presence…
  3. While sandblasting the facade of a 14th-century building, workers revealed…
  4. Beauty was a doorway…
  5. That day I began…
  6. From my point of view as a little dog-human…
  7. Summer has come to mean…
  8. By the time I realized…
  9. Mustn’t allow the pain…


FOR AN ADVANCED, ENRICHED EXPERIENCE and to open the window to your soul:

Choose the perspective from which you will write. Pick a prompt from the list above, set your timer for 20 minutes, and Tell That Story!

Perspective. Choose whether you will write in

*First Person

**Second Person

***Third Person

Future First Person

Animal or Object’s Point of View

About Perspective


First-person is the most personal of the writing perspectives. This perspective is written from the writer’s point of view and is often used to convey a personal experience. You would use the pronouns “I,” “me,” “us,” “my” and “we” when writing a first-person-text. The use of the first-person point of view makes the writing feel more conversational and natural in tone.


Writing in second-person uses language that addresses The Reader. Second-person texts often use the term “you” to engage and involve The Reader in the narrative. You are more prone to using active and direct language when writing in the second-person. You would see or hear this style of writing in advertising and marketing campaigns and instructional writings, like this!


Third-person is the most authoritative and objective of the three writing perspectives. Third-person is from the perspective of another character like a Narrator. This writing perspective is the “omniscient point of view.” Your narrator takes on a god/goddess-like, all-knowing quality. She knows all there is to know about the characters and helps The Reader understand the characters and the story. Writing in third-person, you will use pronouns such as “he,” “she,” “they” and “it” in the text. You would find this writing perspective in texts where the goal is to present information: newspapers, reports, and scholarly papers. You might use this point of view when writing a memo or other business communication. Maintaining third-person perspective throughout a text can be a real bear and a real bore! If you resort to passive voice, this “distant tone” can leave your dear reader feeling detached from the text. Not the sort of feeling you are looking for I’ll wager!

Using Perspective

Select your point of view based upon the message you are attempting to convey, your audience or the reader you are addressing and the type of text you are is writing. Choose one writing perspective and stick with it throughout your piece. Switching perspectives over the unfolding of the story or article will confuse, and distract your reader.


Let me know how you get on. I love feedback of any shape or flavor. Email me- connect@judymcnutt.com


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