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Week 10- 5 Tools to Spark and Inspire Your Creative Brain

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Insight and Inspiration

What is inspiration and where do we find it?

Reference book definitions imply that inspiration is “sudden” and comes from somewhere beyond you, but sources of inspiration are wide and varied. Don’t flop your bed down in Camp Limitation. Open yourself up to the sparks and campfires that can be easily stoked by inspiration readily available within you. Your brain is a marvelous resource. Be willing to try something new. Here are but a few of the tools that can and have produced inspiration for myself, my students, and countless writer’s circles.

Start Here– The first step is to Give Love and Support to that part of you that “fell out of the belief,” that you can do it. This is the most important Creative Core Tool of all!

TWO KEYS: Conscious Soul Design is the foundation of  inspiration– and training your Creative Core strengthens the practice of writing just as surely as practice strengthens the body.

 CC Tool 1– Visit an architecture store or thumb through Architecture Magazine. Creativity is magnetic. By that I mean the brain can wake up to the tune of one fresh creative concept and then fire off five new ones for you. This is especially effective when you “jump genres” or disciplines.

CC Tool 2– Learn a new technique, pick up a new instrument, use a new tool! Ding! Randomly pluck a new word from VisualThesaurus.com or the plain ol’ dictionary, you can use any nearby book or resource. Let that word to point you in a new direction.

CC Tool 3– Put on some music; try your favorite first. (If all you hear are crickets in the brain, switch to a classical or jazz playlist.) Stay away from music with lyric. Instrumental music is a stronger invitation to daydreaming…music is the gateway to inspiration.

CC Tool 4– This one takes some time to build, but will last a lifetime. Use a talisman, artifact, lucky charm, shamanic tool, or favorite symbolic keepsake to inspire you. One of my favorites is my piece of lighthouse glass (seen in the photo above.)

“How can a physical item inspire my brain?” Each time you notice you already are inspired, “on fire”, or in the flow creatively, pick up your object and connect with it for a few moments. Imagine your thoughts, ideas and energies flowing back and forth between your mind and the object. Keep imagining the flow snapping, crackling and glowing until the object seems to be offering ideas its own “voice.” Say “Thank you!” With that, you have energetically “tagged’ that object as a future source of inspiration for you. Usually this process takes a few repetitions before your object is energetically programmed for you. If you’d like to find out more about this “Shamanic Tool,”reach out. I am happy to connect with you.

CC Tool 5– Sometimes your creative batteries drop lower than the low tide mark in Death Valley. When that happens visit http://blogs.photopreneur.com/60-sources-of-inspiration-for-photography. Keep an open mind and you will see this list can inspire non-photographers as well. In fact it is such a good list, the authors made a whole book out of it!

Next week, who knows? Something helpful and nurturing for you? What would you like?

“The first step is to give Love and Support to that part of you that “fell out of the belief” that you can do it.” Dr. Judy



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