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WEEK 17- INTEGRATE BODY MIND SOUL- 4 easy ways to Soul Design your life!

Another piece of Soul Design Integration from Advanced Wisdom Academy™

Soul Design Integration plays an important role in our sense of well-being. Bodymind and Soul Integration* is a helpful process if you want to keep the garden of your life of growing, glowing and healthy. The natural balance between your soul and the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of being human is a part of a conscious Soul Design. Your body, brain and soul are your team of conscious designers, so your entire body has been, and continues to be Soul Designed. You are the thinking and experiential part of your soul. It takes the sum of all parts to be whole. (In truth, all your parts remain forever connected.)
While you are here in the physical world your frequencies of “being” can get so dense and slow, you “forget.” But you are always whole and connected to soul! Meditation is effective, but many of us cannot make the time. Here are a few easy actions you can take to restore balance and remember your sense of well-being.
1. Gratitude Integration:  As you are waking up, feel the sleeping surface beneath you. Feel gratitude and appreciation just for BEING. Imagine the words, “Thank You” and let that feeling float out into your neighborhood. Your “Thank You,” travels across the land and sea, indeed around the world until coming back to you. (5 minutes daily.)
2. Calm Integration:  You are anywhere. Touch the tip of the thumb together with the tip of the index finger. This stimulates knowledge, wisdom, receptivity and calmness. Imagine the word “Calm” floating in space above your head. Relax until you feel a shift within. (1-2 minutes, whenever you want or need Calm)
3. Mind Integration: Stop what you are doing or thinking only for a moment. Mentally drop your next thought as you would drop a pencil to the floor. (Only takes a few seconds. Do this whenever you want a mental break through the day.)

4. Grounding Integration: Calm centering from Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN of the Brain Integration Institute:

–Feel what you are feeling in the moment. Breathe in from the bottom of your feet and up through your body: the time and the time zone where you are right now in one breath.

–Next, breathe in from the bottom of your feet and up through your body the place (the city, state, and country if appropriate) you are in– in one breath.
–Finally, breathe in from the bottom of your feet and up through your body the day, the date and the year in– one breath.
–Now– NOTICE what you are feeling!

“Experiment to find the best Soul Design Integration. Easy, magical methods that fit almost any schedule are available to nurture and awaken your total bodymind and brain. I’d love to hear how you get on. You deserve to enjoy your unique and beautiful Soul Design daily!” –Dr. Judy

*Integration is defined as–”the act of combining into an integral whole” and integral as– “constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential, not damaged “

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