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Week 3: Listen to the Heart of Your “Free Child”

Week 3 at Creative Core Training Camp.

Get set to delve into the hard stuff– A Day Off!

Today I am asking you to play!

Really? Already? How?

Listen to the heart of your “Free Child,” with childlike qualities crucial to a Soul Created Life; fun, freedom, curiosity, wonder, exploration, excitement, trust and presence! Persistence, forgive and forget, oblivious to the rules, smiling for no reason, a joyful mess, fearless, and no self-limiting thoughts!

Using CCT I have written volumes on the virtues of these childlike qualities and the space they create for the core power of your creativity. I want to encourage you to take the time you would otherwise have made to work, or work on yourself (nothing is wrong with you) and go out and play instead!


Over the past few decades a “Day Off” has commonly come to mean a time for catching up, running errands, planning for the week ahead, etc. Little, if anything to do with actually enjoying the day.

We may find ourselves doing one or more of the following on a day off:

Laundry, cleaning, sorting and tidying, grocery shopping, banking, meeting friends for food, going to the car wash, movies, entertaining family and friends, catching up on work, catching up on email, social media zombie-ism, planning for the week ahead and TV vegetating. Productive, fun, necessary, unimportant escaping. A day off ends up feeling worse than a day at work!

Consider your whole body, mind and soul for a moment. When does your whole self get relief, rest, and rejuvenation? The one time we will actually take a day off is when we are sick, and why are we sick? Because we got rundown, brain-tired, and immune deficient.

On a real day off I want a physical and spiritual experience of life-giving nourishment and rest, so, I take refuge from all manner of “electronic screens”, calendar alerts, email, social media, household chores and other people’s errands (if I don’t look busy, my time can sometimes get usurped by others!) I have been doing my Day Off Strategy for years and sometimes can still feel sideswiped by a sense of guilt for wanting to make time for myself.

What are you doing to find rest, renewal, creativity and delight in your life?

Eight Tools For Nurturing Yourself With A Day Off:
  1. Say out loud, “I deserve a day off.” Followed by “When I care for myself, I empower my life.” As you breathe soak in the belief that you will be the better for it.
  2. Make a list of things you won’t do, and don’t do them.
  3. Schedule a day off in your calendar and make it a high priority appointment.
  4. Let friends and family know. Call, text and post the news that you have scheduled a day off and won’t be available. #DayOff!
  5. Make sacred the “night before” have a light meal, skip the alcohol. Change the sheets. Read a delicious book before bed. You will wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed.
  6. Meditate: Begin by breathing, three deep breaths in and out. Envision an open box behind your head. Imagine little doors opening all over your head. Notice at any place of concern in your body more little doors are opening. Picture any concerns flowing out of your body through those small doors, and into the open box behind your head. Close the lid on the box for now.
  7. Ignore the tick tock of the clock. Let your body be your clock. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty and sleep when you’re tired.
  8. Do what you want, don’t do what you don’t want! Rest, get clear in your own way. Renew, connect with yourself in your own way. Delight in life in your own way.

Decide how you want to spend your “Day Off!”

AT THE VERY LEAST: When you wake up, don’t get up! Stay in bed. Imagine a flow of loving kindness and gratitude permeating your heart, body, mind and soul. Make friends with your dreams and desires. Notice the light in your room. Flip on a lamp if you need to so you can read a little from a physical book. Reflect and daydream a little. Are you hungry? Thirsty? What if you spend the day in your pajamas?

Dr. Judy’s Lagniappe– Please promise you won’t spend the next two days after a Day Off making up for your Day Off!

Creativity Core-Delight Bonus–

[ctt template=”7″ link=”6Ua7f” via=”no” ]Soothe your Creative Inner Child– take out pen and paper and scribble for 5 minutes. Use crayon if you have it! Dr Judy[/ctt]

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