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MAKE 2018 YOUR ENERGETIC YEAR- plus Holistic Writing 005

We all like to receive good things. Here’s a different kind of planning tool that will help you align with “the good stuff” over the coming year. Feel energized and focussed while you make plans or just live your life!

Order your own Energy-Activated 2018 Calendar! 

(Order Now and request a free 20-minute consult with your friendly, neighborhood energy specialist! Normally. $150.00 an hour!)

Over the years, Friends and Family have asked me to make one of my “woo-energy” calendars for each of them. This year I offer 100% customized calendars. Ding!


–click on this link to order and purchase your 2018 Energy-Activated Calendar

–I will need your name and birthdate (helpful if ordering for another person, but OK if you do not know their birthdate.) 

–Each calendar is $15.00 and takes about 2 hours for me to receive clarity and to connect and energize the year ahead for each person. (You need not be present!)

Completed Calendar (.jpg photo) images will be sent to your email address for printing or distribution to your peeps by you.

“What will my calendar look like?”

Good question! Your calendar will look something like this one, although I can customize even further in your 20-minute consult. ~ Calendars print well at 8.5 x 11 inches

Holistic Writing Prompts oo5

a) The setting is now. Step into the shoes of a Super Hero. First… 

b) You have just learned that magic is real. What magic spell do you Google first, and what happens when you try it? GO!

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