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Where am I going?
Now where am I?
Where is the one
I am looking for?
What happened?
Who are you?

What do I want?
What happens
When I do…this?
Who is that?
Whatcha doin’?

Why did you do that?
How do you know?
What’s the difference?
Where is mine?
Can I play?

Do you want some?
Did I scare you?
How am I different?
Will you please
Let me do it?
Why can’t I?

Are we there yet?
Can we go now?
Will you play
with me, please?
Can we get a dog?
Do I have to go to bed?
Why can’t the dog
sleep with me?

What happens,
when I do this?
What will happen if I don’t?
So what if I am?
Who died
and made you the boss?
Why can’t you just

leave me alone?
How am I supposed to get
what I want?
Who am I anyway?
What is love?
Who do I want?
When do you know
“The one?”

Well, what do I want
to do?
What do I want
to be?
Where do I want
to be it?
What is
the meaning of life?
How can I
make a difference?

How can you
treat me this way?
Why has God
abandoned me?
Now what?

Is this all there is?

Am I good enough?

How is that
my responsibility?
Why do I care
about that?
What are my choices?
Can I forgive?
What do I want?
What do you want?

Are you certain
I’m the one?
Can I provide
for a family?
How do you feel?
How can I
help you?

Who is the parent here?
What is that smell?
Where are you going?
Who will you be with?
When will you be back?
What does it all mean?

What do I
When will I
be leaving?
And where am I

Where am I now?
Where is
The One I know?

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