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eyes fall upon
hands resting
in the lap
the floor
feels warm, neutral or cool
dust motes reflect and drift
in gathering
or receding light
objects of function
or intended purpose
are placed in arrangement
or on their own about the room
a clock sweeps, tics,
or displays
away the time
form unleashes
an incessant stream of data
about everything in this room
eyes close
to stop the barrage.
next the brain obliges
by ever so efficiently filling in
but if you will notice
a barely imperceptible edge
of space functions
as a wall which holds these ideas in,
an edge just big enough to allow
The Expanse to begin.
Qualities of breathing ebb and flow
Taking in turns a sip of cool air
An expression of warmth
Finally a sigh as reality
slips away
and Presence
from the limitless realm within


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