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WEEK 21- PRACTICE FOR AN AWESOME LIFE! (I blow out the Secret!)

Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Scientist, Movie Producer, Anything-

Evolve Your Own DNA!

YOU are an artist, a creator, a designer of life AND you are your own greatest Natural Resource.  When you clear away obstacles and tap into your desires, gifts and energetic resources each day, you can step into your True Nature, be it writer, artist, partner, medical practitioner, carpenter, entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, or movie producer. Each life endeavor is an artform and our inner resources often go untapped!

Here is an easy practice you can do daily to enhance and juice up your life no matter what you may be doing, making, managing or creating. Begin within you to clear, connect and Shine in your True Nature.

1. Stop. Drop all self-limiting thought.

2. Breathe three conscious breaths. Feel the Energy of Love present in every cell of your body.

3. Move your awareness to your heart. Connect to the pearl of  your soul or “Source Energy”.

4. Let your energy shine and expand into your True Nature, your Wise Mind. Stay at this highest peak for as long as you can.

5. Take your True Nature back into the project at hand, or whatever is next.

6. Remember, it begins within you, we are what we do!

 Do this energy-gathering exercise at least one or more times each day and you will evolve your DNA!

Shine in the True Nature of your Soul Designed Life!

Enjoy a mind-meld conversation between myself and Voice of Vision’s Jane Asher HERE.


Brought to you by: Training Your Inner Warrior 

This 31-day LIFE CHANGER begins April 1st. LAST DAY TO SIGN UP 3/31/2017

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One thought on “WEEK 21- PRACTICE FOR AN AWESOME LIFE! (I blow out the Secret!)

  1. Day 14 from my first book, “Poetry of Days- A Journal of Poetry, Love, and Inspiration”


    More consciousness
    More joy
    More love
    More light
    More compassion
    More sound
    More silence.

    More movement in the right direction.

    frequent appreciation
    no matter how great or small.

    Today, just practice a little more “You.”
    And we will all be fine.

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