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WHEN HARD TIMES LOOM LARGER THAN LIFE- Think small, free and easy for Stress Relief!

How to use Ease, Grace, and Creative Flow for Bodymind Stress Relief: These tips will support you in the face of overwhelming emotions of any kind at any time-

First try this

~Close eyes. ~Breathe 3 conscious breaths. ~Open eyes. Send your kind and loving thoughts to all beings in our world.


Literally PULL back from the stressful situation (or your own beliefs and judgments.) Stop, back up and sit still. Let it clear out! Go do something else.



  1. Imagine traveling to a happy, contented real experience in your adult life.
  2. Recall every detail, who is present and the qualities they contribute, vivid colors, smells, the feelings of contentment…
  3. Give yourself over to the vision completely.
  4. Stay with, and breathe this experience into every cell of your body for as long as possible.


This process is called “Anchoring” or “Tagging.” Touch your thumb to either the tip of your pointing finger or the tips of all your fingers while you are conscious breathing or doing the Vision Mind-Medicine practice.
THEN: In the future, when you need a little endorphin “hit” it will be right there for you, just pause, connect thumb to fingers and Viola!


#5 Just step into Gratitude for what is really REAL in your life!

Remember, I’ve got your back! Dr. Judy

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