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I invite you on a little journey of mythic proportion.

You sit sipping the tea. This is so not like you, it is more like me.

Steal a glance around the room and note the vases filled with flowers, a painted door, and three clocks all keeping different time. Even though out of synch, the measurers of time, begin to chime.

As the painted blue door opens inward, the entire universe of creation unfolds, and your cup and saucer clatter to the floor. You fear the end. “Relax,” I say, ” let go.” Curious, I know. May I advise you in this moment to just allow the flow?

The Great Wave had to start somewhere, on this day the wave began with you. Now here is the part only you can do. Reach for one thought whose beauty leaves you reeling. It will produce such a splendid feeling, I will feel it too!

We aren’t quite complete. All is well, but I’m asking you to find somebody else to tell because today The Great Wave came, and all its Joyance began with you!

Finish drinking your tea. Truth be told there never was a spill, and your true nature never ends!

If you are Tribe-Writing with us today-

“The beauty before me…” Set your timer for 7 minutes, use prompt as is, or scatter the words across your piece! Go!

Happy Renewal Day!

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