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Your Inner Writer is a Golden Soul!

Are you beating your soul senseless by soaking in social media “inflow” day after day (and squandering your gold to boot)?

Hey, I’m not pointing an ugly finger at anybody here. My involvement with social media began in the 80’s when I worked in the field of music programming for various radio stations here in the US. I wrote weekly comments, observations and marketing musings for magazines that served the recording and broadcasting industries, a precursor to social media, just not digital. My verbal outpouring continued right through newsletter production and on into Facebook, beginning in 2009. What is my point? I may as well have scattered my soul out into the fields around my house. Perhaps it was good writing practice, community-building, networking to a certain degree. OK, but just because we begin a journey with no particular direction in mind, doesn’t mean we can’t change course and head in a new direction on purpose.


Vibrant Health and Creative Riches await us if we can manage to put limits on the social media brain barrage.

Studies show that excessive media consumption:

  1. stifles creativity,
  2. impairs decision-making, and
  3. impacts overall mental health.
  4. On top of that, you may be squandering your best stories and wasting your creativity to fill the coffers of Social Media thus leaving you drained and joyless.

Why do so many of us allocate energy and attention to social media rather than in creative endeavors?Pondering these ideas lead me to question: What if I made a conscious decision to hold back, let’s say 20% of my creative, curious, wise, funny, thoughtful energy for at least a rough draft of an original project? So I began. Just like that. And I noticed that as my Social Media engagement time decreased, my creative output increased.

Divert the Flow:

You know me, I must share my gold when I find a little, so I put it to you. What if you made a conscious decision to hold back, let’s say 20%-30% (or more) of that creative, curious, wise, funny, thoughtful energy for yourself? Instead, you could:

  1. divert the flow into personal observations,
  2. curious notions,
  3. unique perspective,
  4. or “go all the way” into creative expression.
  5. Involve yourself with whatever brings you vibrantly alive!

Ask yourself, “How might I increase my creative productivity and joy by the end of one year?”


A couple of years ago I asked myself those same questions. “What if I took a few minutes every day to thrive in joy and creative expression?” I wanted a life-shift, so I set about creating a business that brings me joy. To this day I take daily sprit-rejuvenating walks, and I write little stories I call “Danglers” with which to amuse myself and others. You’ll see one of them below. I’ve already written hundreds of these stories, all as a result of limiting my use of Social Media.

Here’s one way to still be expressive yet stop squandering YOUR gold in social media:

What would you like to shift, if anything? Stand up for yourself, treasure and express your true gold.Your life is yours to live. I only hope you create time for yourself to consider possibilities.

Try This-

  1. FOLLOW THE WRITER’S PROMPT- Use the following story starter or take off in your own direction.
  2. THE “BUT I’M NOT A WRITER” SOLUTION- Read this short story, imagine what happens next and next and in the end. (PS- This is the “voice” of your Inner Writer!)

From my new (unpublished) book:


Story-fragments for Busy Imaginations and Inspiration for Writers.


A shadow passed into the pantry through the interior doorway from the garage. It fluttered along the sheen of the parquet, jumped to the wall and hopped in and out of the bookshelf and cabinets. It placed a shopping bag on the kitchen counter. It stepped into a pool of light, and that’s where her shadow left her. Beyond the dining table in the family room she could see her husband’s signature pose- feet clad in white socks hanging over the arm of the burgundy leather sofa. The socks sent no warning that something was amiss. Picking up a red envelope she squinted. Her forehead wrinkled. Someone had scrawled her maiden name across the front in bold blue ink. He must already have seen this. To avoid the inevitable third-degree regarding the envelope, she brought it with her as she headed for the two white feet. Versace stilettos clicked on the terrazzo floor then deadened as she stepped into the carpet. She slid two fingers beneath the skirt of the document flap and moved a sheaf of paper with a sideways jerk to force the glue and paper to part. There was no greeting from her husband but she imagined his eyes drilling into her skull. She looked down at him, but his dark eyes were glazed, staring into space and he was still as a statue. She dropped the envelope. A sharp intake of breath and a call out to no one…

(WHAT’S NEXT? Unleash your Inner Writer!)

Let me know your view, and how you get on! connect@judymcnutt.com

PS- Did you know I lead a free writers’ group every week via Zoom (video conferencing) For details see my Event Page on Facebook-

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