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WHAT IF YOU DON’T WANT WHAT YOU DO HAVE?- plus Holistic Writing 003

There are many gentle ways to use the writing process to heal your life, even if you don’t believe you are a writer.

Let’s open the way forward for you so this holiday season can become a joyful process!

Holistic Writing Prompt A-

Have you noticed some insistent patterns of irritation in your life? Do holidays always bring up the “same stuff?” Consider that your gifts and talents may be saying they want to come out and play, but they have failed to gain your attention in other more gentle ways! Perhaps your Inner Writer has been asleep for a very, very long time.

Let’s open a dialog with your Inner Writer, an invitation to be heard.

Start with a simple question, “I’m listening now. What would you like to say?” 


Holistic Writing Prompt B-

Imagine you have decided you want some part of life to be different; as a Sovereign Storyteller try it out on paper first!

Be specific. What would you like? How do you imagine you would feel different if that were so?

Complete this question,“What do you think it might be like if…” Ask your Inner Writer; answer the question and then keep going!

CRANK UP YOUR CREATIVE ENGINE- I cannot create for you. Only you can bring your own unique voice into the world. But we can awaken your inner creative writer. These story-stems are designed to inspire and fire your imagination. Get your motor running!


“Stepping off the curb into the street she raises the phone to read an arresting text. A truck rounds the corner with no attempt to slow down or stop for the red light and…”


“A man hunkers on a darkened street corner, smoking. He first feels, then notices. A woman is looking down on him from the roof of a bombed-out apartment building on Battersea Lane. He drops his cheroot and steps upon it, never taking his eyes from the woman…”

(What happens next, according to your imagination?)


“Dr. Landis returns home after putting in an all-nighter in freezing temps endeavoring to prevent a neighbors’ dairy-herd from dying of indeterminable causes. She walks through the open front door following a crazy parade of muddy raccoon footprints through their farmhouse. “Hey, guys. Guys?”

They probably can’t hear me, she thinks. Fox News is on full blast. My kids watching the news? The back of her neck prickles. Alarm registers in all body response systems as she realizes it’s a school day, early morning, her family should be here, but they are missing. The phone rings…”

For more of these “story-stems” visit Dangles and Danglers- stories to inspire and fire your imagination.

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