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WEEK 28- HOW TO GET BACK TO YOUR TRUE NATURE- Amazing, every time!


Faced with present developments, the world seems an eerie or worrisome place. What difference can you make? What do you have to do to get back to normal, your true nature? I understand these questions and your worries. But worrying robs you of strength and curbs your creativity. “Worry-Energy” locks a resistance-response into your body/mind systems and this can impact your wellbeing. Should worry go unchecked, your cells could slip further and further away from what would be optimal for your health. Don’t allow world news or dramatic individual events cause you to lose sight of who you are and what you desire to experience in life. There is never a good reason to allow events in the outside world to suppress your True Nature.


Try this method to get back to your True Nature:

You already have all the skills you need to “Write Yourself Free.”

Take out a piece of paper and do a “Brain Dump.” In just seven minutes you can write out; make a list; or scribble wildly about what is bugging or concerning you, then step free of it and do something that is totally in Your Nature to do!

While you are writing, let your emotions drop as if you are dropping a pencil over a waterfall. This method will change your life by establishing some space for relief from drama and make room for your creativity to flourish. DING! Writing is the way your soul gets heard.


1.Take one creative action before days’ end.

2. Get a good night’s sleep.

3. Tomorrow, do it again to reconnect with True Nature of  You!


Look into your “SELF” within the reflection in the mirror. Remember, you have always been and will always be YOU:

~Creativity and Love are your unlimited and instantly available power systems.

~Every aspect of who you are -is a flow of integrated energy!

~Giving and Receiving is a flow in your life.

~You create the life you want from the deepest parts of you, from your soul.

~You explore, embody and express life to the fullest.

~You have created fulfillment and wellbeing for yourself, your family and the world with your powerful mix of creative energy, love, skills, practices, desires, and wisdom.

~This is the highest expression of You. Your True Nature.

Sometimes you will see or feel a LONGING, too!

+ There is a deep need, a calling to create.

++ You want to unleash something wild and fresh in the world.

+++ Another goal is a happy life, doing expansive work.

—- BUT  who you are seems pinched off or partitioned away,

—– OR perhaps life has been a pattern of familiar disappointments.

Don’t Worry!

There is nothing wrong with you, your soul just has something to say and it’s completely amazing, every time!

Of one thing I am certain, you are a creator of worlds. What suppresses your fulfillment? I believe with all of my heart you and I have, (or will) come together for a reason.

Perhaps you desire to write more but, “life gets in the way?” Are you worried about your lack of writing experience? You used to write and now you long to resume writing, just “never seem to get around to it?” Let us work together clear the way so you can tell your story, write your truth. I founded the Advanced Wisdom Academy because I understand. When a distraction or irritation blocks your creative potential you feel resigned or stifled, but together we will build bridges over those insurmountable blocks, resistance, time constraints or burdensome obligations. From my experience I offer this truth: it is NOT impossible to break through and bring the voice of your inner writer into the world!

You are offered guidance, and encouragement to create a regular writing practice. It is truly amazing the degree to which this opens up a whole new world for you. In My Sessions you will receive a place to write effectively, to read and receive desired feedback, and most of all to thrive in Your True Nature.

I invite you along on this powerful journey with me. Let’s create a pathway to your ultimate destination, because you deserve to thrive, and live a happy life. If you need me, guess what? I’m here!

To get started, try my free Writers’ Group: WEDNESDAY MORNING WRITERS’ CIRCLE. Come write with your Tribe! Yes, writing is the way your soul gets heard! Info HERE.

All the Best!

Dr. Judy

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