“What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.” –Plutarch

Welcome to the Advanced Wisdom Academy! Writers’ Groups, Mind Training, Photographic Tours and Private Energy-Sessions for Writers. We shift your energy so you can take action. Possibilities open. The Academy is here for you when you are ready to partner in your own Soul Design! BONUS: Find connections to up to 50 personal development experts below.

“It is human to feel inspired to grow and change, but it takes Inspired Action to fuel personal and spiritual growth.”

Nurture, Support, Inspire

Dedicated to your clarity, connection, and creative vision- because my life did not truly blossom until I got clear, found the connection to my own natural resources and stepped into the creative vision of my life! “What would you like?” There is an answer. BEGIN HERE.

If your desire is to write more or “To be a writer some day,  Join a Writers’ Group TODAY! An important part of the writing process is to listen, write, and be heard. I offer individual clearing, healing and support as well . Read on, you’ll see.

“Everyone who has been working with me as their writing mentor says they feel lighter, happier, younger, more clear and focused, more creative, better able to deal with issues, drama and other people’s energy and get more writing done than ever before!” Dr. Judy

Free Writers’ Group


Wednesday’s 10-11:30AM (PDT) FREE 

Connect with your True Nature as a writer and WRITE. Wednesday Mornings at 10AM Pacific Time. Write with your tribe and best selling author Dr. Judy McNutt. Bring a friend! Let’s create a healthy community of writers.

The tuition is FREE, but Please consider subscribing to my blog, it will help and inspire you more and more each day or “all at once!”


 Writer’s Core Support Sessions


One on One writer’s support at both the energetic and practical level. Unique Process. Results to your complete satisfaction. As a best-selling author, I also offer 10 years experience on the cutting edge of Energy Work. “I do stuff the others cannot do: Clear the way for you to step into your True Nature as a Writer!” Dr. Judy

Fits your schedule, offers focus and privacy.

PS: Availability is often limited. You can go directly to The Booking Portal HERE.

Instant Benefit


LIFE-WORK QUALITY, UP-LEVELED- When “nothing seems to be working,” shift whatever is “in the way of the work.” A powerful yet easeful session to “clear and connect” so you can shine in your True Nature. Clients really have reported an 85% to 1000% improvement in one session! We each have our own experience, yours may be greater!
PS- Book now, because I can only offer this work three days a week!

Go directly to The Booking Portal HERE.

Are you Ridiculously Awesome, yet?

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, that you are not enough: focus on building up your own surroundings. It’s possible and easier than you think, with the right tools.






with Robin Rice and Dr. Judy (Coming Soon!)

The Advanced Wisdom Academy is excited to host a 31-day online course “Training your Inner Warrior” with Robin Rice. Learn how to harness the power within you, effectively find your true strength and support yourself in achieving your deepest intentions. Lessons and support daily for deep and lasting life-change.


$299.00- Will include a free private support community!


Next class coming soon.


Experience the Wisdom and Images of the American Southwest-

Photography Tours of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Geraint Smith Photography offers year-round, full and half-day, one to one Photo Tours and multi-day Photography Workshops in Taos, Abiquiu, the Rio Grande Gorge and other locations around northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Explore the places that have been the inspiration for Geraint Smith’s spectacular photography for over 35 years. Join him on a photography tour or multi-day photography workshop in the unique landscape of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.


Experience the places, architecture, and culture of this enchanting and mystical corner of the world: Call 505-501-4880 to reserve a date that suits you for your own one to one personal photo tour.

Brain Integration Institute- highly advanced HEALING process!


In this highly essential brain and nervous system integration program, The Brain Integration Institute facilitates total personal transformation.

Clearing of Negative Attachments and Energies;

Clearing of Suppression Energy in your DNA and Energetic Bodies; Balancing neurological systems in the body: brain wave patterns, brain hormones and neurotransmitters; Receive brain cell rejuvenation; Learn about: Body Beliefs that hold you back; The truth about Hereditary or Ancestral Issues that influence your body; How to easily open your energy meridians, proprioceptors, and nerve synapses consciously. (Once payment has been received, you will receive an email confirmation with the date and time and log-in instructions.) Go here for more info (scroll down when you get there!


Sources and Resources


Forty Must-Read Personal Development Bloggers That’ll Change Your Life, according to my current reading and research. Enjoy! (Links updated 5/23/2017)