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“You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution, Well you know
We all want to change the world…You better free your mind instead!”– the seed was planted in all of us, perhaps log before John Lennon put words and music to it. After years of suppression, we are awakening. I was set to retire and paint, instead, I received a calling, a visionary message; “See beyond the world; Serve souls; Share the awakening; Be a revolution!”

NOW I have a calling? Really? So how would I mastermind this revolutionary calling? I did not have the answer overnight.(See my Manifesto Story below.) Hey, I am just one retired woman. What was my part now to be? In the quest to design an answer to my calling, I became my own Mentor and Spiritual Teacher and that was the birth of  The Advanced Wisdom Academy of Soul Design!

Today I am dedicated to your clarity, connection, and creative vision- because my life did not truly blossom until I got clear, found connection to my own natural resources and stepped into the creative vision of my life! “What would YOU like?” I have learned some answers and can show you where your answers lie!

“Who are you? Who are your people? What are you uniquely qualified to teach and how will that change the world?” Like you, I sorted through concepts, methods, questions and the definitions of terms.  The word “revolutionary” jumped out at me. Really? Me? Laying aside the political and militaristic definitions of that word, one meaning gave me goosebumps. “Revolutionary– involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.” Genius!

The Revolutionary change of one human life as the gateway to World Change.

“If I could teach THAT, I will have seen beyond the clamoring, beyond the premise of any question,” I said to myself.  Indeed, I would be stepping into the vanguard of a revolution of souls!

BACKSTORY: As a teacher, I worked with special needs children for nearly two decades. My deep love and compassion for highly sensitive creative young people, and creative adults with sensory processing disorders and other brain functioning difficulties lead me to design my innovative energy work.

A Founding Associate of the Brain Integration Institute, my Soul Design practice was established to offer Advanced Wisdom and creative spiritual brain integration techniques for those who do not yet believe in their own creative power to design to the life they choose. “Creative souls (some of us cannot yet see our creativity) can easily become overwhelmed by mundane and painful lives. We beat themselves up for not implementing all of those books, classes, webinars and retreats into our daily lives. We may already have spent a ton of money, with nothing to show for it. We long for a deepening authentic connection with how unique and beautiful we are and are searching for ways to bring that into the world.” –Dr. Judy

As a Soul Guide and Mentor, I am dedicated to empowering you The Creative Soul to resource all of your own natural energy systems.

As an Amazon Best Selling Author, and successful Artist I utilize many medias and avenues of creative expression and yet my focus is strong and always on point. I write and practice Creative Energy meditation every day. “My world-service passion is to guide you to the expansion of your Soul Truths- the highest expression of who you really are. Under the surface (energetically) I facilitate the healing, integration and inspiration of your spiritual and creative brain!”–Dr. Judy
The Wisdom Circle Blog is blooming into Consciousness Awakening. My unique energy-based Writer’s Support Groups are healing hearts and minds and birthing the True Nature of Creative Expression into the World. Reach out for healing, guidance, and creative rather than dogmatic spiritual practices. Write me at Write me at



” So many people feel they have been sentenced to a life of soulless livingTheir lives are dictated by judgmental attitudes and societal pressures. It is time to make a change. Think Soul Design!Dr. Judy


 ~The Making of a Manifesto~

“You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution, Well you know
We all want to change the world…You better free your mind instead!”– the seed was planted in all of us, perhaps log before John Lennon put words and music to it. After years of suppression, we are awakening. I was set to retire and paint, instead, I received a calling, a visionary message; “See beyond the world; Serve souls; Share the awakening; Be a revolution!”

Revolution? Me?

How does one woman go about being a revolutionary? “What is a revolutionary?” was my first question. My journey began. The political and militaristic meanings for the word revolutionary didn’t ring any bells, thank goodness. Going to prison was not included in my vision, so nobody is going to have to bake me a cake with a file in it! There was one aspect of revolution that illumined my soul;

revolutionary–”involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.”

Ah! Complete or dramatic change. Picture me, sitting on a bus bench in Old Town San Diego, eating a baguette, sipping a coffee and contemplating Spiritual Revolution. What my ego wants is to be more generative. I already knew I love taking generous and compassionate actions for my tribe, my Anam Cara. (My Tribe are the hundreds of thousands of curious, creative, brilliant but spiritually exhausted women right here in North America, and of course across The World. And by the way to be “generative” is to instigate social change.) How about spiritual change? Is there a different word for instigating spiritual change? In what way might I move beyond societal norms for spiritual change? There are so many spiritual leaders. I have studied The Dalai Lama, Caroline Myss, Natalie Goldberg, Depak Chopra, and Shakti Gwain. Mentors who stir my soul from beyond their ascension play a part as well. (I hear dead people. Don’t get me started.) Contemplating my principles, values, essence, soul truths, and my brain-connected spirituality, I searched for a cohesive approach. Is direct action called for right now? “No rush,” say my guides. Good, because I still had a lot of questions. There was something about that part of Lennon’s song, “You’d better free your mind instead.” I pictured the happy, smiling Dalai Lama. Perhaps that is the way?

So what is at the heart of my Spiritual Revolution?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says his idea of spiritual revolution is “not a call for a religious revolution.” He does not advocate the Buddhist way of life and his spiritual revolution is not “magical or mysterious.” A practical man, he asks us to move away from our habits of self-preoccupation, towards concern for the wider community of beings. He teaches mindfulness and suggests that we recognize others people’s interests alongside our own. Embarrassingly I was too self-preoccupied to notice that my own idea of spiritual revolution should encompass the Dalai Lama’s, and more. “You’d better free your mind instead.”

Thus I entered a LONG discovery phase. Just ask my friends and family, even the people I paid to help me.

“Discovery” was full of questions. Here are just a few:

Who am I?

What do I stand for?

What do I want?

What is my true nature?

Are any further experiments, experiences, or possibilities necessary?

What have I come here to be?

What are my gifts, talents, skills?

What am I here to accomplish?

What needs doing?

Is it for me to do?

What “forces” suppress me?

How might I leave a Love Note for the Earth?

What are my beliefs?

What is my DNA hearing?

What is my calling?

How then must I live?

I folded beliefs into my spiritual pie;

~Vision and Unseen Energies are real.

~~Visioning is a superpower.

~~~Love is an energy resource.

~~~~The Problem is a container for the Solution. (this is a biggie!)

YEARS went by.

More than one person said, “Dr. Judy, haven’t you taken enough classes, read enough books, taken enough sabbaticals, got enough degrees, published enough best sellers (ok one, but still)?”

“I get that I am to teach and share, and that I am a cutting edge expressive soul. Now what?”(Asked this about a thousand times.)

All of a sudden it hit me! It was there all along. I even highlighted it in my first sentence in bolded type so you could get a head start, if you noticed. Scroll back up and look. There it was, a revolution in my perception, at that moment! See, Serve, Share and Be. Arriving back at the beginning, I knew I would step out of the old soles of societal expectation and into the center of my soul-being. After all, this is an All Souls Revolution;

“You’d better free your mind instead.”

Now things are speeding up. The Inner Warrior journey  freed my mind and brought “all of me” to the shores of my own revolutionary Soul Design. My calling is to gather my tribe and teach. I must teach. That is how I “Serve Souls” as a part of my sacred contract, because what you learn goes far beyond earthly knowledge. So, I intend to continue to explore, examine, contemplate, test, learn, and then to “deliver the gold,” the benefits of my wisdom and discovery to you so your mind, too, will be “free, instead.”

See, Serve, Share! Meet minds and free them! Ah! To that purpose I took myself through The Happy Startup Homeschoolthen founded a business and a website to share it from; the Advanced Wisdom Academy of Soul Design. In the Advanced Wisdom Academy I bring together cutting edge and revolutionary entrepreneurs to share their mind-freeing offerings with you. Soul Design is a part of the Academy, too.

Because everything we do, think and feel will have an effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life, it is time to be different in our minds in our lives and in the world. Kick off your shoes, step out of the old soles into your whole soul and join me in the light of the magnificence of who you are! If you are so inclined, I ask you to join The Wisdom Circle and to share the link to my blog with a friend.

The more you shine and share, the better our community. When we shine in our true nature, we build a better community and we live in a better world. Remember, we are “involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.” This is the “Be Who We Are Revolution!”

FLASH: If you are a writer, or want to be, you must IMMEDIATELY sign up for the Writer’s Support Circle (Wednesday mornings) or Writer’s TeaTime Circle (Thursday afternoons) beginning in May. BIG MAGIC happening in my current writer’s circle. LIMITED SEATING in the next series, starting May 3rd.

See, Serve, Share and Be! Mahalo, Dr. Judy

Here’s a little audio piece of what I’m on about- Is your DNA listening? Advanced Wisdom Academy of Soul Design and Mindfulness recorded show with Dr. Judy McNutt

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