Welcome to The Advanced Wisdom Academy. This first page is devoted to my work with writers and writing. More offerings involve Brain Integration, Becoming Ridiculously Awesome, and more Resources for your wellbeing, health, and happiness. Even Advanced Photographic Adventures!

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So you believe you have nothing special to write.

What if the belief you are flawed, points to the perfect place to begin?

You no longer have to feel stuck: “The never-ending ache.  My family story will go untold. Although I “used to write,” it’s gone now. Paralyzed by judgment or rejection. I believe my work has no value; I’m not a writer. The mere idea of writing makes me feel sick. I can’t spell so writing, is out. I have no worthwhile ideas. There is no time. Too disorganized. Zero confidence in self-expression. Still striving to be of value. Feel the desire but don’t know where to begin.”

Really? Consider following a new path into your future.

Let’s talk about words for a moment. Words are symbols. Symbols contain stories, energy, and all the elements needed to alkalize them into gold for you. By this, I don’t mean physical gold, although I wouldn’t rule that out. Your gold can manifest in the form of questions, clarity, solutions, revelation, affirmation, and inspiration. Sometimes the flow is fast, at other times we are directed to progress more slowly by the subconscious mind.

Things are symbols too. For example, if I were to send you outdoors to collect three objects, you would bring back physical objects which, with no conscious direction or effort, will reveal a more in-depth story. The story begins in the non-physical world. The words you use to name or label your objects, (a polished stone, a dry leaf and a photo of a waterfall) reveal the deeper layers of the story of your life or a story you want to tell. In your sovereignty as The Master Storyteller, you may ask for anything you wish- your purpose, your pathway towards removing a block, your karma, patterns, problems, plans, gifts, even your Superpowers. The words you choose to represent your objects give you the power to crack open your story and move forward with sovereignty.

Stories are hidden deep in your unconscious mind. They are healing stories, magical stories, and stories that create the possibility for further exploration. The most meaningful adventure of your life awaits. Why you want what you want and how to achieve it are only details, perhaps even distractions. Awakening to who you are and your sovereignty is the pearl. These deep waters are not strictly places for writers to swim in their self-indulgence. The quest, although certainly involving your Inner Writer, will reveal many gateways to creativity, relationships, abundance, even awakening. Think of this journey as a pathway into sovereignty, the mystery of life’s beauty and your powers here. But none of this is what our work together looks like or how it feels. What it looks like is play and what it feels like is a sheer joy! You hold the keys to The Castle, and all you have to know is whether you’re willing to begin.


Wednesday’s We Women Write

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We The Women, We The Writers, We the dreamers of life! We are the creators of worlds. We are the energy in the Temple of “Being Who We Are.” This is our right. In that spirit, we gather each week to write and share and receive the sustenance of being heard and receiving new perspectives on our work.
This is our regular, FREE Wednesday Morning Women’s Writing Group! 10-11:30 AM (Pacific Time)


Writing with your Tribe inspires, energizes, creates community, and supports your practice and your life. We gather online clear the path, clairify the day’s work, write, and share to receive helpful feedback from the present community. For now, to build community and support world change it is free to bring a writing-buddy! Join us here.




THE JOURNEY OF THE SEEKER’S QUEST –healing the writer.

The Journey into Your Writer’s Sovereignty* beginning January 15th! A 7-week course to establish and engrain your writing practice.Each of your sessions over the nine-week quarter will run about 90 minutes. We reveal and unleash the power of the world within and around you. transform your beliefs, writer’s blocks, judgments, and your creativity and writing issues. For more and for enrollment details.




supportive time for your project!


A lot like sitting in the library or a coffee shop with your writing-accountability partner, I hold this online space for writers each week. This is a silent space which opens with a five-minute writer-specific guided meditation to prepare you for writing. I’ve added a 7th inning stretch with optional refresh-point/brain integration somewhere in the middle (or you can just keep writing.)

At closing, we offer a group critique if that is something you desire. Make a commitment to your craft without leaving home, or wherever you may be! No driving, no fuel burning, parking, buying beverages and snacks, no distractions. Just writing. $12.00 a session when you commit to 10 sessions. HOW IT WORKS: You pay in advance for 10 sessions. This modest fee supports your emotional commitment to write at least once a week. I will send no-charge invitation/reminders via email each week until your 10th week. Make-a da sense? You can re-join every 10 weeks if you like! Begins Friday, January 5th, 2018

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If you aren’t in a healthy writing practice but long to be writing, there may be something in the way. Writing Rehab Lab is here for you when there is no joy or inspiration. Think- A writer’s recovery system!


By all means, request a free 20-minute Discovery Session  with me via email at connect@judymcnutt.com







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