Attention Retired Woman

To ignite your writing, you don’t have to already BE a writer! 

You have all of my compassion if you feel–“The never-ending ache.  My family story will go untold. Although I “used to write,” it’s gone now. Paralyzed by judgment or rejection. I believe my work has no value; I’m not a writer. The mere idea of writing makes me feel sick. I can’t spell so writing, is out. I have no worthwhile ideas. There is no time. Too disorganized. Zero confidence in self-expression. Still striving to be of value. Feel the desire but don’t know where to begin.”

There is a way through and I can lead you–

“The richness of working with Judy is like no other writing group. Healing without having to “go there.” We just have fun, the rest comes quite naturally.” 

“I was scared at first. I thought, ‘Maybe I won’t write much or share.’ I did BOTH and was overjoyed! I never miss a week.”  

“This writing group is great. I love it! It feels like we are in the same room writing together and yet I am three time zones away.”

“I realize from writing in Judy’s group, that I need and want to make time to write SOMETHING every day!”

“After a 10-year painful dry spell, I finally experienced the exhilaration of breaking free from The Blocks.”

“Judy’s soothing presence inspires me. There is just no other way to say it!”



Wednesday’s We Ignite to Write

Receive the link and join us each week. Tantalize your Inner Writer!
We gather each week to write and share and receive the sustenance of being heard and receiving new perspectives on our work. An excellent way to find out if The Writing Life is for you, or begin to make room for writing in your busy life.
This is our regular, FREE Wednesday Morning Women’s Writing Group! 10-11:30 AM (Pacific Time) If called, you can make a donation to defray costs and support your own Giving Spirit, here! Look for the Happy People Holding Hands


Accountability support, basic manuscript editing, writing plan strategies and energetic clearing, inspiration, and support. Ask for a package plan quote. Once booked, do not expect a refund. I cannot reschedule these sessions as my time is valuable and tightly scheduled. The fee is $150.00 per hour and you will never be the same!

Enjoy a free 20-minute Discovery Session with me! Request via email at